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WHS for SMEs

WHS for SMEs

Modern business is complex and fast paced. Most roles require some level of multi-skilling. In Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) many of the same obligations apply but with less people to resource them. Staff may ‘wear many hats’, dabbling in disciplines that large organisations employ specialists. Furthermore, with small financial resources available, SMEs are less able to hire in external expertise.

Health & Safety is one of these specialist obligations that SMEs must face. For most, health & safety is an issue that floats up and down the priority list as issues arise and are dealt with. It can suddenly become a priority if something goes wrong, someone is hurt or worse. Work related injury or illness can have terrible impacts on workers and their families. In large businesses they are costly and disruptive. In SMEs they can be financially and operationally devastating, bringing the business to its knees and potentially resulting in closure.

Work Health and Safety Compliance Check

OSHEM Solutions recognise that SMEs are both time poor and financial stretched. We also recognise that the Jan 2012 introduction of new Work Health & Safety (WHS) laws introduced a large and complex legal burden on NSW SMEs. That is why we developed our WHS Compliance Check.

The WHS Compliance Check is a quick and efficient way of determining if your organisation is meeting the key obligations of the law and managing the type of risks that could hurt your workers.

The benefits of the OSHEM Solutions WHS Compliance Check include:

  • Minimise Risk: Our consultants are WHS experts
  • Minimise Disruption: An hour of your time, we complete the check within 4 hours.
  • Understand Your Legal Obligations: A plain-English report and list of any actions required.
  • No Waiting: You are briefed on the day and emailed the completed report within 24 hrs.
  • Minimised Cost: Developed to meet an SME budget.

To find out more about how the WHS Compliance Check can assist you in managing your Work Health & Safety obligations contact us on 1300 657 279. For more information, follow this link: WHS Compliance Checklist or download a flyer.

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