Workplace Inspections

OSHEM Solutions undertakes environmental, health and safety inspections across a range of industries including mining, manufacturing, construction and transport. Our inspections are a formalised evaluation of workplace conditions and work practices. The inspections help to determine conformance with relevant requirements including environmental and work health and safety (WHS) legislation.

OSHEM Solutions’ consultants are trained, qualified, independently certified and experienced auditors who use inspection as part of OHS and Environmental Audits or as a stand-alone activity.

Following are a few examples of OHS and Environmental inspection related projects. Please note that these are examples only. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your proposed assignment, please contact us for a no obligation discussion with one of our principal consultants.

Safety & Environmental Inspections

Construction Site Inspections

While the very nature of the construction industry is hazardous, negative over recent years have intensified this perception in the media and with the general public. This has meant that the industry has come under greater scrutiny of environmental and particularly Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulators, nationwide.

As a result, many in the industry have deployed additional resources to supervise and monitor the activities of their employees and sub-contractors. OSHEM Solutions can assist in this function by providing qualified, experienced and independent expertise to your workplace safety and environmental inspection program.

The CEO of one of our clients regularly engages us to visit his construction sites and report our findings to him and his Project Managers. Not only do we have a “fresh eyes” approach to his business but we can provide improvement ideas, based on what we see elsewhere in the industry. Furthermore, he sees our workplace inspections as an opportunity to coach his Site Supervisors in better understanding his integrated (safety and environmental) management system and their legal responsibilities.

Development of Inspection Programs

In addition to conducting inspections, some clients engage us to develop their workplace inspection program (including checklists) and train their staff  to carry them out.

One example is a manufacturing client who required targeted inspection processes for its Supervisors to verify that the organisation’s safety and environmental management system was being followed. OSHEM Solutions developed several tools, based on the client’s system, to prompt users to check key points of each risk area, score them for compliance and note down any actions required to improve compliance.

Topics covered included:

  • Confined Spaces
  • Hot Work (e.g. welding, grinding and other spark or heat producing tasks)
  • Work at Heights
  • Fixed Plant
  • Mobile Plant
  • Emergency Response
Workplace Inspection during Audits

OSHEM Solutions undertakes a range of audits for our clients who consist of industry leaders in manufacturing, mining, energy and construction. Workplace inspections form a critical part of these audits as they help to determine implementation of their WHS, environment and/or quality management system and legal compliance.

Click on the link if you would like to know more about the type of Safety and Environmental Audits we regularly conduct.

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