Established in 2008, OSHEM Solutions has strengths and an approach that we believe set us apart from other Environmental and WHS Consultant teams, including:

In choosing an Environmental and WHS Consultant, companies are often faced with a dilemma: should we choose a consultancy which focuses on academic qualifications or one which employs consultants with long-term industry experience? With OSHEM Solutions, you won’t need to face this problem.

Each Environmental and WHS consultant in our team has relevant industry experience to be able to apply real on-the-job solutions. At the same time, our qualifications and industry group certification ensures that we follow a systematic approach to problem solving which provides you with data-driven, evidence-backed solutions.

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We understand that opening up your organisation to an Environmental and/or WHS Consultant can be daunting. It’s natural for management to be wary of letting ’outsiders’ conduct environmental or OHS audits, inspections or otherwise scrutinise their business. Using external resources in their environmental, health and safety projects can make some managers feel like they have lost control to the experts. Recognising this, we maintain on-going communication throughout the duration of our assignment to ensure our clients have full visibility of the work we are doing. Our clients are provide with up-to-date information with which they can maintain control of their health & safety and/or environmental project and make the necessary decisions needed to achieve their desired outcomes.

We believe we have failed if our clients become dependent upon us for their WHS and Environmental Management. Our consultancy’s success is based on our consultants’ reputation as efficient professionals with the highest, ethical standards. This reputation is due to the fact that we do not only help companies succeed in their WHS and environmental projects but also because we assist them to develop the necessary ‘in-house’ skills to manage independently. With this approach, we find our clients happily refer us to other organisations as well as call us back when they face even bigger challenges.

With assignments such as Incident Investigation, Risk Assessment and Environment & WHS Auditing, clients welcome our Environmental, Health and Safety Consultants into some of the most sensitive areas of their business. After all, our services are usually needed when they face uncontrolled (or at least under-controlled) WHS and/or environmental risk, are suffering from less than expected performance or are non-compliant with their legal or other obligations. We value this trust and recognise that without it, we cannot function. For this reason, our consultants maintain the highest levels of confidentiality. In fact, we don’t even disclose the names of the organisations we deal with, without their permission.

Bernard Baruch, a very famous American economist, once said “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Unfortunately, many Safety and Environment Management Consultancies suffer from this, either through misdiagnosis of problems or reliance on a particular ‘off-the-shelf’ tool or product they sell. At OSHEM Solutions, we recognise that the exact same problem in two different organisations can be so vastly different that using the same solution could spell disaster. Our clients are all unique, coming from different industries, with varying workplace cultures, run by different leaders and at different stages of their environmental and/or health & safety management journey. We take all of these differences into consideration when looking at the context of a problem thereby enabling us to develop unique, client-specific solutions.

Our clients value the peace of mind they get when dealing with us. We don’t proceed with an assignment until we have fully scoped our client’s need, verified we can do the work to the required standard, developed a written proposal and received written authority. Additionally, as a professional environmental and WHS consultancy, OSHEM Solutions is a Registered Australian Company (ACN: 132 305 081 / ABN: 871 3230 5081). To protect our clients, all our Environmental / OH & S Consultants are covered by our Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Client Testimonials

“OSHEM Solutions were able to deliver quality work on a variety of specific safety topics. I found our consultant could articulate a concept into a practical, useful outcome in a short period of time. Having worked with many HSE professionals over the years, I would rate our OSHEM Solutions consultant as one of the best I have come across.”

General Manager HSE,

Engineering Client

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending our OSHEM Solutions consultant (and his work) to any organisation.”

Safety & Health Manager,

Logistics Company

“OSHEM Solutions came into our organisation on an auditing and compliance project for health, safety & environment and completed the scope of work very quickly and competently. Following this a consultant took part in a project that involved re-structuring and revising our HSE procedures. The output was precise and well researched.”

Divisional Risk Manager,

Engineering & Construction Client

“Our consultant has a very professional approach and style which has proven invaluable during our long audit process. His knowledge of the safety and environment legislation and in practice applications are well rounded and I am happy to recommend him to other companies wishing to get good value for their money.”

National Operations Manager,

Manufacturing & Logistics Company

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