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In terms of Work Health & Safety, few hazards have received as much media exposure as asbestos. As a relatively cheap and highly versatile product, asbestos made its way into our homes and workplaces over decades. It was not until years later that the potentially fatal consequences of exposure were discovered and its use was eventually banned.

Asbestos in various forms and condition is the legacy of this long term use. In any workplace asbestos must be managed to protect people from its health effects and any removal carried out under strict controls.

Under the NSW Work Health & Safety (WHS) Act and Regulation (enacted January 2012), a licence (Class B) is required to remove 10m2 or more of Non-Friable Asbestos and any associated Asbestos Containing Dust (ACD) or up to 10m2 of Friable Asbestos and any associated ACD. To remove more than 10m2 of Friable Asbestos (and its associated ACD) a Class A licence is required.

WorkCover NSW have contacted those companies holding current Friable Asbestos Licences (equivalent to Class A) advising that they must have (or be in the process of obtaining) a certified safety management system (AS/NZS4801).

How to obtain AS/NZS4801 Certification for Asbestos Removal

AS/NZS4801 is an Australian and New Zealand Standard which describes the audit criteria for an occupational health & safety management system. Any organisation wishing to be certified to this Standard must have a health & safety management system that conforms to all the requirements specified. What is a WHS Management System? Click here.

OSHEM Solutions can assist in the design, development and implementation of a WHS Management System which meets the requirements of AS/NZS4801. For asbestos removalists which already have a WHS Management System, OSHEM Solutions can carry out a gap analysis against the Australian Standard to ensure it will pass a certification audit.

OSHEM Solutions is not a certifying body so can provide detailed action plans and assistance to asbestos removalists prior to and after they engage a certifier. Furthermore OSHEM Solutions can assist these companies in meeting their obligations of Internal Audit and Continuous Improvement.

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