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OSHEM Solutions undertakes a range of Work Health and Safety, Environmental and Integrated Management System Audits across a range of industries. These include mining, energy, manufacturing, construction and logistics.

If your organisations is accredited to a particular management system standard, we can provide qualified, experienced and accredited Work Health and Safety and Environmental Auditors to provide ‘fresh eyes’ and additional independence to an internal audit program. Alternatively, our Environmental and OHS Auditors can assist your organisation to develop or improve your environmental and WHS audit tools, a safety program and your internal audit team.

Whether you wish to be audited against a recognised standard such as AS/NZS 4801:2001, ISO14001, Government Work, Health and Safety Management Systems prequalification audit tool or the Workers Compensation Self Insurers NAT or against an internal corporate standard, we have highly trained, experienced and independently recognised / accredited (RABQSA) auditors.

Following are a few examples of some of our previous projects. Please note that these are examples only. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your proposed Environmental / WHS audit program, please contact us for a no obligation discussion with one of our OHS or environmental consultants.

Workers' Compensation Self Insurance National Audit Tool (NAT)

Many large organisations seek to become self-insured for the Workers’ Compensation instead of paying premiums through an insurance company. One of our clients, a government-owned corporation, had been self-insured under the state-based system for several years prior to the move to a national approach.

The nationalisation of the scheme was a good trigger for this organisation to review their Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) which included undertaking a gap analysis audit against the National Audit Tool (NAT). To ensure this analysis was independent, they went to the market for an external Work Health and Safety Auditor who was qualified, certified, industry experienced and familiar with the Workers Compensation NAT. OSHEM Solutions demonstrated the skills, experience and approach they were looking for and was successful in winning the work.

After a thorough document review of their OHSMS, OSHEM Solutions provided a detailed WHS Audit Report. This included a list of recommended actions to modify their OHSMS documentation to ensure compliance with the NAT scheme requirements.

The client then put together a team (which included their OSHEM Solutions consultant) to address the recommended actions. The end result: when WorkCover NSW safety audited them, they passed with flying colours.

Integrated Management System Auditing (OH&S, Environmental & Quality Management Systems)

Some organisations seek to have their management system certified under one or more Standards. Within Australia, this is often an audit against AS/NZS4801, ISO14001 for Environmental Management and ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems. Under the requirements of these systems, organisations are required to undertake a range of internal and external Environmental, WHS, Quality or Integrated Management System audits.

One of our clients, a leading manufacturer of building materials in Qld, NSW, Vic & Tas, is committed to continuous improvement by being certified to all three of these Standards. With a high risk and diverse portfolio including underground and above ground mining operations, truck, rail and shipping transport, large processing / manufacturing plants and hazardous chemical facilities, this client recognises the value of qualifications, independence and most of all experience in its audits. For this reason it chose OSHEM Solutions to undertake its audits all over Australia.

The quality, safety, and environment audits we undertake for this client focus on ensuring each of their operations:

  • Comply with legal obligations
  • Meet corporate requirements
  • Appropriately manage risk

However, we also play a role in coaching their line management to continuously improve their Work Health and Safety (WHS), Environmental and Quality Management.

Example 1

Auditing is the collection of evidence for the purposes of evaluating conformance to particular criteria. When it comes to Work Health & Safety (WHS) and Environmental Management, this evaluation also includes the auditee’s compliance with their relevant legal obligations.

However, occasionally a prospective client will want an independent determination of its legal compliance through a WHS or environmental audit. Often this is at the request of the Board of Directors who are seeking a level of assurance, to meet their legal obligations as ‘Officers of the PCBU’ or input into the organisation’s strategic plan.

OSHEM Solutions recently undertook such an assessment of a white collar organisation which not only employs several hundred employees but also provides facilities for many other organisations. This WHS audit identified several key areas requiring attention and provided recommended actions to address the gaps.

OSHEM Solutions is available to assist organisations in actioning their areas of non-conformance. Alternatively, we can provide coaching to in-house teams to manage the issues themselves or, if desired, we can simply provide recommendations only.


Example 2

Another client is in the process of rolling out the OHS, Environmental & Quality Management System, which was developed under the guidance of OSHEM Solutions. The company used auditing as a critical component in the implementation of the system.

Due to the nature of its operations, this organisation is not only subject to the standard WHS & environmental legislation but also to that of railway and mining. To add further complexity the organisation operates in two jurisdictions within Australia.

The National Executive General Manager and his team of General Managers were keen to monitor the organisation’s legal compliance. In response, OSHEM Solutions undertook a side-by-side audit using their integrated management system requirements as one criterion and all the relevant legislation, as the other.


Example 3

Since the NSW Work Health & Safety Act 2011 and Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011 came into effect on January 2012, OSHEM Solutions has been busy carrying compliance assessments for new and existing clients.

In fact, we developed our ‘WHS Compliance Check’ tool specifically designed for small to medium sized organisations. Using this tool, OSHEM Solutions WHS auditors can assess your organisation against the key changes to health and safety law, provide you with a full report, graph your compliance and provide a plain-English action plan. Click here to find out more about our WHS Compliance Check.

Note: It should be noted that OSHEM Solutions does not employ legal professionals but our consultants are experienced, qualified and independently certified WHS and Environmental Auditors

Call us on 1300 657 279 to discuss how OSHEM Solutions can assist your business through the use of environmental and/or health & safety auditing.

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