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Christmas Party Risk

Christmas Party Risk

What are your obligations?

Under Work Health & Safety law in Australia, a company-sanctioned Christmas Party is like any other activity of the business.

In fact, in most cases, there are numerous duty holders. The organisation has the obligation to ensure there are processes to protect the health & safety of its workers. The venue controller must make sure it provides a safe location. Management is expected to enforce company processes and policies, and workers are expected to co-operate with their management.

We have all heard stories (and even seen accounts in the media) of celebrations that haven’t gone as planned. The companies and personnel involved are often named and shamed. Reputation is lost. Sometimes employment is lost. Court cases are not uncommon.

The Solution

So what is the solution? Like any other aspect of running the business, the best results come from consulting with relevant stakeholders. Management should seek to identify potential results of a decision, put processes in place to prevent negative results, clearly communicate expectations and monitor to ensure that things go as planned. Or in other words, apply “risk management”.

This risk-based decision making process applies just as much to a work Christmas party as is does any other event or undertaking which could introduce health & safety, reputation, or any other risk into the business.

The Tool

As a present to your organisation, OSHEM Solutions has developed a checklist to identify the potential risks associated with your Christmas Party – Christmas Party Risk Management Checklist (click to download).

Use it as a prompt, in consultation with your workers and their representatives, making notes as you go. Where you are unsure of an answer, investigate further. Where there are areas of risk / weakness, allocate action to relevant people and follow up until you are comfortable that the issue has been addressed. The tool is a guide only so do not stifle any ideas your group may have.

Further Assistance Required?

Should you require further assistance carrying out risk assessments of your Work Health & Safety Risks or Environmental Risks, do not hesitate to contact OSHEM Solutions. One of our Health, Safety & Environmental Consultants would be more than happy to discuss your particular need and provide an obligation free quote for whatever WHS Consultancy / Environmental Consultancy service you require.

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